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  • Build and consolidate instruments for a wide space for the dissemination of preliminary or consolidated studies and the retrieval and commentary of documentation in files that are difficult to access.

  • Periodically hold forums (collective seminars) to discuss the network's theme.

  • Contribute to the dissemination of research on topics related to the network, through articles in magazines and book publications;

  • Seek the consolidation of systematic knowledge on topics related to Frontier, Integration and Conflicts, in constant dialogue between the institutions and research groups that make up the network.

  • Establish permanent dialogue with Latin American, American and European societies on the Armed Forces / Frontier / Territory trinomial.

  • Build an open dialogue converging to the academic debate and the technical, theoretical and methodological approach.

  • Reflect the importance of discussions on colonization, migration and borders within the scope of International Relations, History, Geography, Law, Security and related areas.

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